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Real Estate Brokerage

We have a team of real estate agents with experience in all industries. Each agent is an expert in their respective space and has well-rounded resumes to back it up. We take pride in representing our clients and working with customers. Our agents at TFG are trained to offer the…

Retail Recruiting & Coaching

The Foundation Group has over 50 years of commercial real estate brokerage and development experience. Experience in both sides of the retail development industry has allowed us to better understand what retailers and developers need to be successful. It has also allowed us to build a network second to none.

Real Estate Development

TFG has been the driving force on a multitude of projects large and small. The development landscape continues to evolve from conventional box uses to distribution hubs with growing uses based around convenience and experience. TFG invests in persistent research and development to go the extra mile to deliver world-class…

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